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New York GOYA Volleyball League


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Each Church community may enter up to two (2) boy's teams and two (2) girl's teams into the league.

Each team will consist of a minimum of six (6) players and a maximum of twelve (12) players.

Six players must be ready to play at game time. If an injury results in the loss of a player and the team has no substitutes, play may resume with five (5) players. Any less than (5) players will result in a forfeit.

Game nights will involve the play of three (3) games per team. Games should begin promptly at 7:30 pm and be expected to finish by 9:30 pm.

The home team is required to provide an adequate and safely equipped indoor volleyball court, first aid kit, scorekeeper, and statistician. Please contact the league with any difficulties.

The season is six (6) weeks long with a two (2) week grace period allowing for make-up play.

Each team will play six (6) game nights consisting of three (3) games per game night. Each team"s final record will be based on a total of eighteen (18) games. Team records will be used to determine seating for the play-offs.

The play-offs will be scheduled on a Saturday after the end of the regular season to be determined by the NYGVL committee.

The NYGVL fee is $400 per community or $200 per team. The fee is due by opening night. After that each team that is delinquent will receive a forfeit for each game following until fee is paid.

Exceptions to guidelines may be granted upon approval of league committee.