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New York GOYA Volleyball League


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Division I
Blue Point=BP
Port Jefferson=PJ

Division II

Division III
Island Park=IP
Staten Island=SI
Three Hierarchs=3H

** All teams listed first indicate home team.

**All dates are suggested dates. However, it is recommended that all games be played within the week they are scheduled.

** All makeup games must be completed by March 23, 2007. All un-played games will result in an official loss and will be added to the respective team record. Makeup games should not be played on the following evenings. 3/11(St. Theophanes) and 3/17(St. Cyril).

**All referee requests for any non-scheduled game must be made 48 hours in advance and must have a verbal confirmation by either Chris Varthalamis or Louis Nicholas. They can be reached between the hours of 9am and 5pm at 631-243-4324.


Week 1
Mon. - 1/08 - Inter-GOYA Meeting
Tue. - 1/09 - Feast Day, St. Gregory of Nyssa
Wed. - 1/10 - BP vs Bab - Ros vs Mer - Hik vs Hem
Thu. - 1/11 - SI vs Ast - 3H vs IP
Fri. - 1/12 - No Scheduled Game

Week 2
Mon. - 1/15 - PJ vs BP - Bab vs GL
Tues. -1/16 - Feast Day, St. Anthony the Great
Wed. - 1/17 - Feast Day, Sts. Athanasius and Cyril
Thu. - 1/18 - Hem vs 3H - Ros vs Hik
Fri. - 1/19 - Feast Day, St. Maximus the Confessor

Week 3
Mon.-1/22-BP vs GL
Tue.-1/23-Mer vs Hik, IP vs SI
Wed.-1/24-Feast Day, St. Gregory the Theologian
Thu.-1/25-Hem vs Bab
Fri.-1/26-Ast vs 3H

Week 4
Mon.-1/29-Feast Day, Three Hierarchs
Tue.-1/30-Hik vs Hem, GL vs PJ, Bab vs BP
Wed.-1/31-3H vs SI, IP vs Ast
Thu.-2/1-Feast Day, Presentation of The Lord
Fri.-2/2-Ski Trip-2/2-2/4

Week 5
Mon.-2/5-BP vs Mer
Tue.-2/6-Hem vs Ros
Wed.-2/7-PJ vs IP, GL vs Ast
Fri.-2/9-Feast Day, St. Haralambos

Week 6
Mon.-2/12-SI vs BP
Tue.-2/13-Ros vs Mer
Wed.-2/14-3H vs Bab, PJ vs GL
Thu.-2/15-Feast Day, St. Theodore the Great Martyr
Fri.-2/16-IP vs Ast

Week 7
Winter Recess-2/19-2/23

Week 8
Mon.-2/26-GL vs Ros
Tue.-2/27-Bab vs PJ, SI vs Hik
Wed.-2/28-Feast Day, St. Eudokia
Thu.-3/1-Mer vs IP
Fri.-3/2-Feast Day, St. Gerasimos

Week 9
Mon.-3/5-Mer vs Hem
Tue.-3/6-Hik vs PJ
Wed.-3/7-Ast vs Ros
Thu.-3/8-3H vs Si

Make-up Games-3/10-3/23

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