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New York GOYA Volleyball League

Photo Album

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On this page we'll include photos of our teams in action. So - Hicksville, Roslyn, Hempstead, Merrick, Bluepoint, Port Jefferson, Greenlawn, Babylon, Brooklyn, Staten Island, & Astoria - put those cameras to work and get those pictures in to us!

Three Hierarchs Hosts Volleyball game
Three Hierarch Teams & The St. Demetrios Teams Cool Down After Intense Match

More SD & TH team photos
10 minutes earlier these teams were battling on the VB court. WOW! So this is what it's all about!

Womens NCAA Volleyball


Several of our female GOYA Alumni athletes have gone on to play in college. Can you guess which one ot them is in this picture?

By The Way - Long Island, NY GOYANS take their VOLLEYBALL very seriously!

Many of you parents have digital cameras these days. If you have some photos that you would like to have on the site, please e-mail them to us. Thanks!