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New York GOYA Volleyball League


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What we did well, and what we need to improve on.

We learn something new in every game, or as a friend of mine used to say, "We RE-learn something old." Here we'll discuss our games and try to recap any lessons taught by the best teacher: experience. We'll also acknowledge especially good efforts.

Here are some examples of the type of information we'll include on this page.

Notes from the 2006 Cathedral Cup:

CM's post game talk to his players - "You all know that it would have been quite a different outcome if we had all our players here today! Now let's go congratulate our girls for winning the Championship!"

Games The Week Of March 19th

Roslyn takes on Hicksville in Greenlawn -

Although the Roslyn girls team only had 4 players, they were competitive against a Hicksville girls team that has a large number of players on their roster. Roslyn coaches SS & CV kept their girls motivated throughout the game. The Roslyn team captain AT kept talking to teammates AK, CS, & DS insuring some great volleys. Keep up the good work girls!

One team on Long Island remains undeafeated - In Suffolk -St Paraskevi - The Greelawn girls team.

Games The Week Of March 26th

Mon 3/27 - Hicksville vs Roslyn in Hempstead

Hicksville Boys took the first two games in what appeared to be another easy night for the Nassau Division Leading Hicksville Boys Team. Then the unexpected! The Roslyn Boys Team made it competitive by keeping the game close. Could it be! Can Roslyn win a game and impact Hicksvilles winning streak? YES THE ROSLYN BOYS DID IT! They win game three 25 - 23 in a real THRILLER! What a Game! Coach Costa of Roslyn said - " I was having trouble controlling my emotions it was so exciting. In Fact I almost got carded by the Ref. Our boys led by our best server - Kosta (The Katapult) Kaloudis and our best blocker - Chris (The Wall) Marangoudakis played their best game."

Congratulations to both teams!

Tues 3/28 Holy Trinity (Staten Island) hosting Three Hierarchs (Brooklyn)

Richmond Ave. on Staten Island was lit up with fireworks last night as Holy Trinity (HT) hosted their first Volleyball League game with Three Hierarchs (TH) of Brooklyn. Veteran ref Danny was quoted as saying "I haven't seen this much enthusiasm since the Goya Volleyball League began 10 years ago.

The evening began with the team captains leading & reciting the Lords Prayer with their teammates. The team captains were then called and the 1st game between the two girls teams started. Three Hierarchs (TH) seem to have the dominant team. Caroline Kouretsos made some amazing passes. Sherry Garafano and Maria Mantagas ran for every ball in support of their team. Three Hierarchs (TH) won game 1 - Score 25 - 16.

The two boys teams took the court and again Three Hierarchs (TH), having the numbers, appeared intimidating and expected to achieve the same results as the girl's team. Host Holy Trinity (HT) was not going to go down easily. Led by team hard hitter Mike Plaitis, they kept this game close. Both teams were tied @ 12 when Mike came up to serve. With teammate Panagioti Topi in a supporting role these guys started digging, blocking, and hitting hard. Then Mike served 5 consecutive aces to take control and ultimately win the game for Holy Trinity - Score 25 - 14.

In Game 2 between the girls everyone expected TH to continue to dominate. In stepped Alexis Tsibros for HT serving & hitting. Maria Katsonis was volleying & digging. Finally Cindy Plaitis and Katherine Cummings rallied to make outstanding plays. What a game! They took control early and didn't look back. HT girls had their first win - Score 25 - 16.

With the girls teams now tied at one game apiece, the pressure was on the TH boys in their 2nd game to do the same. Coach.

Nick of TH must have given an inspirational speech because these boys came out ready to play this time. Spirited & led by Ari Boundouris, Ari Fillipakis, Nick Antoniodes, Steven Mallis, Miles Paloympis, & Louis Tsilas they took the lead early and kept it up. They pounded their way to victory - Score 25 - 15.

Now that the boys & girls teams from both communities each had one victory, you just knew that game 3 for each would be thrilling. The girls of Three Hierarch (TH) prevailed in a very close game 3 - Score 25 - 23. The boys of Three Hierarchs (TH) also won in yet another very close game Score 25 - 22.

Great games HT & TH! We all look forward to your rematch and we welcome you to the Goya Volleyball League. Thanks (God Bless your work with Goyans) go out to Advisors Pam, JoAnn & Chris and coaches Nick & Tammy.

Sat 4/1 Three Hierarchs (Brooklyn) hosts St. Demetrios (Astoria).

The girls of TH are now in 1st place with a record of 5 and 1, due to the forfeiting of all three games by SD.

The boys games were, you guessed it, real nail biters. The boys of TH came out taking game 1 with a decisive 25 to 17 win over the SD boys. Games 2 & 3 were quite a different story. Both were very close games, however, SD seem to put it together to win both with scores of 25 to 22 and 25 to 21. The TH boys were led by Stavros Calakos, Myles Paloympis, Aris Filippakis, and Nick Antoniodes. Assisting them were Peter Kouretsos, Steven Mallis and Danny Patsis. Stavros Calakos made great spike shots along with Myles Paloympis. Nick Antoniodes and Ari Filippakis made good dives to get the ball up, and Steven Mallis and Danny Patsis and Peter Kouretsos gave 100 % volleying the ball. TH softball coach Bill Paloympis stepped in as coach for the day.

Great games guys! We can't wait for the rematch.

Games The Week Of April 2nd

Mon 4/3 Three Hierarchs (Brooklyn) Hosts Holy Trinity (Staten Island).

The rematch between Holy Trinity (SI) & Three Hierarchs (TH) will be remembered well after this season is over. If either or both of these teams make it to the playoffs on Long Island it will be well deserved. TH Boys swept all three games and TH girls won 2 to 1. To see just how close these games were please go to our stats website. We would like to highlight the following players with honorable mentions. For the girls of TH: Dina Kelly who had great serves; Erini Lambrides who made great saves; Alexa Antzoulis & Sophia Haretopoloos maintained some good volleying. For the TH boys: Ari Filipakis put down several kills; newcomer George Manolis showed solid defense as did Steve Malis; and Ari Boundouris & Nick Antoniadis pounded out some hard serves.

St. Paul (Hempstead) Hosts Archangel Michael (Roslyn)

The Hemstead girls add 3 games to the win column. The Roslyn boys team pulls out 2 games to 1 in what were very close games.

Church Of The Assumption (Port Jefferson) Hosts St Paraskvi (Greenlawn)

The Greenlawn girls continue their undefeated season with a decisive 3 game sweep of the Port Jefferson girls. The Port Jefferson boys take 2 games to 1 in what was the battle for 1st place in the Suffolk County Division. These were very tight games (See our other website for scores).

Games The week Of April 9th.

Mon 4/10

St Demetrios (Astoria) hosts Holy Trinity (Staten Island). The Astoria boys team wins 2 games to 1 which moves them closer to the NYC Division Title. The Astoria girls handed 3 wins to the Staten Island girls which insures that the Staten Island girls team will now make the play-offs. By virtue of their previous wins over Staten Island, the Three Hierarch girls team will emerge as the NYC Division Champions. Congratulations Three Hierarch Girls Team!

This week St Paul (Hempstead) Girls Team clinched its first ever Nassau Division Title with an impressive 17 and 1 record. The girls will take this momentum into the play-offs on Sat April 29th in Port Jefferson. The Suffolk Division Title will be determined when the St Paraskevi Girls Team faces the St John Girls team in their final meeting of the season during the week of April 23rd.

Games The Week Of April 23rd

Mon 4/24 - Xristos Anesti!

The NYC Divison Champion Three Hierarch Girls Team adds 3 more wins to their credit courtesy of St Demetrios (Astoria). The Boys games were much closer. The TH Boys team took the night 2 games to 1 which put them in a 1st place tie with St D. TH Boys have emerged as the NYC Division Champs by virtue of the tie breaker. Congratulations!

The Suffolk Division Champion St Paraskevi Girls Team concluded their Perfect Season by sweeping St John 3 games to 0. Wow - What A Season! The Boys games were quite different. The St John Boys needed to win at least one against the high scoring St P Boys to keep their play-off hopes alive. They did just that by keeping the games close and in game three they won 25 - 21. Coach John Michael is quoted as saying " I have to credit Andrew Theori for one of his best games of the season last night against Greenlawn with his consistency in serves, smart game plays, and having several spikes throughout the night leading the team to 2 close games and 1 victory."

General Tips

STRETCHING IS IMPORTANT! Team captains should lead their teams in a complete stretch program before each match. Stretching every muscle will reduce the risk of injury. PROTECT YOURSELF! Remove all necklesses, chains, watches, etc. before a game. Glasses should be safety rated. Do not forget to wear those kneepads. COMMUNICATE! In all team sports communication between players is crucial. Volleyball is no exception. Call out the words - "I've Got It" even at the most obvious times in a game when you are going for a ball. This will allow the other players to prepare and execute a play. It may also avoid an injury caused by a collision. DEFENSE! Always return to your designated position. Stand ready and low, knees bent, forearms extended and eyes always on the ball. OFFENSE! If your opponent returns a ball that is weak, it is referred to as a "Free Ball". This allows your team to control your 1st bump pass to your setter, who then can make the perfect set to your hitter, who then can hit the perfect "Spike". So when you see that weak ball cross the net, your entire team should be screaming out the term "Free Ball" to prepare the offense.

OH YES! Long Island, NY GOYANS really do take their VOLLEYBALL very seriously!